What Is a Truck Accident Settlement?

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Posted: November 1, 2016

truck accident settlementIf you’ve suffered an injury as a result of a trucking accident, you might be wondering what a truck accident settlement is. You may also be unsure of whether it can help you. Although a truck-related incident might seem like just another vehicle accident, they tend to be much more complicated. There are many wide-ranging factors to consider when it comes to trucking accidents; in fact, it is common to need insight from various experts to figure out who is at fault.

If the right criteria are met, you can settle out of court. A settlement, which can come as a lump sum (paid all at once) or a long term structured payment plan, can be the answer you need.

Advantages of Truck Accident Settlements

When compared to taking a case to court, agreeing to a settlement can be much cheaper for both parties involved. It can also save a great deal of time and headache by allowing both sides to come to an agreement without the strains of the courtroom. This can be preferable, even if the plaintiff ends up settling for less than they wanted. This is because the amount of money saved by not paying the legal fees associated with a drawn-out trial can easily make up the difference.

A settlement also allows everyone to quickly conclude the case, helping them return to their daily lives. Given a choice, no one would rather have the stress of an impending trial hanging over their heads.

Requirements for a Settlement

Although most motor vehicle accidents settle out of court, this can only happen under certain conditions. People generally prefer to reach a settlement so they can avoid a trial, but circumstances don’t always work out. If tensions are high and no one wants to admit they’re at fault, a settlement can be difficult to achieve. To reach an amicable out of court settlement, certain things need to happen:

  • Both parties must be in agreement regarding how the accident took place.
  • The defendant must accept that he or she is at fault. Settlements rarely occur if the two parties can’t come to an agreement on this.
  • The plaintiff likely needs to give up the right to pursue any additional claims related to the accident.

Trucking Accident Settlements Are Easier than Court, but Still Complex

The process of coming to a settlement is easier than going to court, but it’s still a complicated endeavor. This is particularly true when it comes to trucking accidents. For most people, an out of court settlement is the preferred option, but preparation is the key. Negotiations can quickly move in the wrong direction if you’re not ready. As such, truck accident victims should get in touch with a lawyer who has experience with settlements of this nature.

An attorney with a proven track record can assist and guide you as you try to get the compensation you rightfully deserve. Schedule your complimentary consultation with Williams & Williams, LLC, about truck accident settlements by calling 770-823-2711 now.