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car accidents iconCar accidents are scary and can seriously impact your health, your ability to work, your comfort levels and your standard of living. If you’ve been in a car accident that you don’t think was your fault and aren’t sure where to go from here, you might benefit from talking to a lawyer about getting compensation for what happened to you. Understanding the various types of car accidents and how to deal with them is also helpful.

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Types of Car Accidents

emergency services at scene of accident involving multiple carsThere are multiple types of car accidents. The following is a partial list of the most common, and what they might mean for you:

  • Vehicle rollovers: This is when a car flips over, often because of a sharp turn on freeways, highways or other roads where the car is moving quickly. This can cause serious injury, and often occurs from trying to avoid an obstacle or when hit.
  • Rear-end collisions: This is when a car crashes into another car from behind. It often causes whiplash in the front driver. You may be innocent as both the front and rear driver, depending on circumstances.
  • Head-on collisions: When one vehicle hits another head-on, the cars facing in opposite directions, the results can be fatal due to the combined speeds both cars are traveling.
  • T-bones or side-impact collisions: These occur when one vehicle hits another on the side. They are very likely to cause injury because there’s a lot of force directed towards the doors where passengers are sitting.
  • Sideswipe collisions: This is when two cars are parallel to one another and swipe along their sides. This is usually a “safer” type of crash, especially when both vehicles are traveling in the same direction and not at high speeds.
  • One-car accidents: This is when a car hits a stationary object, such as a wall or tree. It may also, however, involve pedestrians, which can have serious consequences. However, a driver involved in a one-car accident is still not necessarily at fault, depending on the circumstances.
  • Pile-ups: These most often occur on freeways, where cars are moving very quickly and cannot avoid collisions in front of them. Especially if you are toward the back of the pileup, and had no room to avoid the collision, you may be eligible for serious compensation.

You can get representation for all these types of cases, so the best bet is to talk to an attorney about your options.

Finding a Car Accident Attorney

If you’ve been injured in a car crash and find that an accident has made it difficult for you to work or function, it’s important you contact a reputable attorney immediately. This is your best chance to get the compensation you deserve to make life easier and move on as quickly as possible.

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