What to Expect

Injury & Accident Attorneys Serving Alpharetta, Atlanta & Nearby Areas of Georgia

Williams & Williams Law Firm is client-focused, and we understand how most clients feel when coming to our office for the first time. Most of the time, they are scared, concerned, or frustrated.

We hope the video below will make you feel more comfortable when coming into our office for the first time because you will know what to expect.

We have also provided a list of all 5 steps to a typical legal case with Williams and Williams Law Firm for your review here:

1. Consultation

It is mandatory that your legal matter is fully understood by our Alpharetta lawyers, so the first call to action is the consultation. This is where you will meet with one of our lawyers to explain your situation. We will listen to your case and take notes that will serve us as we move on to step two.

2. Research

This is where we take all the information we gained at the consultation and go to the law books to find the next best course of action in your legal matter.

3. Engage

In this step we will take what we have learned from our research and try to solve your legal matter without going to trial.

4. Trial

This is the point at which we take your legal matter before the judge and jury if necessary. With all the prior steps behind us, we are now fully prepared to represent you and state your case.

5. Results

Whether it be a settlement or a judgment on your behalf, step five is the end result.

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