Nursing Home Abuse

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Posted: May 17, 2018
It is hard to believe that a trusted caregiver could mistreat your elderly loved one. Unfortunately, instances of nursing home abuse and neglect happen all too often. We have created the following guide to help you understand nursing home abuse and your legal options for confronting it. At… Read Full Post
Posted: April 26, 2018
Nursing home neglect happens all too frequently. When you trust a facility with the care of your loved one, it is heartbreaking to suspect that they may be mistreating your family member. If you think your loved one is suffering at the hands of a caregiver, please contact us today at (770) 823-2711… Read Full Post
Posted: January 20, 2018
Clients who come to our Atlanta nursing home abuse lawyers looking for justice for their loved ones are often emotionally devastated by the experience their family has recently gone through. They took the time and did the hard work to find a facility for their loved one they thought they could… Read Full Post